Uptown Girl

Meet my oh so stylish friend Macy. Macy and I shared joyous marketing classes together, in which most of the time we had to contain ourselves from hysterically laughing out loud. We pretty much could read each other's minds especially when it came to fashion. Macy moved to the big city, aka Dallas, and works as a social media guru. I'm jealous that she doesn't get weird looks from people when she goes out in 4 inch heels or heels in general.

Top: Tracy Reese. Pants: Zara. Shoes: Vince Camuto. Watch: Fossil. Bracelets: Jcrew & Banana Rep.
 Purse: Dooney & Burke. Sunglasses: Ray Ban


Lara {simply irresistible} said...

Love this outfit, especially those shoes!! Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I used to know this girl - we were roommates back in college. Hottie.

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Lara! I'm new to this whole photography thing, so we'll see!