Fashion Forward

Meet my style icon. I believe style begins at your roots, and thankfully my mother had impeccable style. She has a natural and casual beauty about her, and her style is simple yet sophisticated.  I love it when I wear a pair of platforms, and she tells me she used to have a pair that looked exactly the same but made out of snake skin. Ah, I wish she would have saved some of her amazing clothes for me.

 I tried to wear her wedding dress for my big day, but it was way too tiny. I absolutely love the hood, and it was detachable.

She was hippie, raised on a farm that married a cowboy. Love her short hair.

  My go to outfit as a child - Paint blotted spandex one piece, blue jean skirt, and a pair of pink dyed cowboy boots. Thanks mom for always letting me dress myself, even if I looked absolutely crazy. You taught me what it truly means to have my own style.


Now Choose Life said...

I love this post. I never realized how much you look like your mother!!

Clayre Turner said...

Great post! Your mom is quite stylish and I love your term "casual beauty." Yall look so similar!