Best kept secret

I'm going to share Abilene's best kept secret that I discovered yesterday after work.  I drive down Butternut St. everyday to work, and yesterday I decided to stop in this tiny antique store that's in an old house.  Oh my goodness, I seriously found the BEST antique store in Abilene.  The owner has amazing taste, and the best part is the prices are very reasonable!  There were too many things I wanted, so I ended up leaving with nothing.

Buffet: $145

Vintage Horses: $22 (I had these as a child and can't wait to have these in my kid's room)

Silver Tray = Amazing  $15 - Getting this for my jewelry

$12-$15 perfectly white and chic

Glass Jars: $12-$20
Vintage Suitcases: $22 a piece

Thank you Clutter Antiques for showing me some of the most amazing treasures.  These pictures don't do the store justice, so go by and take a look!

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