Goodbye Abilene

I have mixed emotions about leaving Abilene this weekend.  I'm excited to move to Austin to be closer to my family and experience more of the city life.  But on the other hand, Abilene has been such an amazing home for the past 5 1/2 years. I will never forget the many memories friends and I have created here.  Having to say goodbye to some of my closest friends is very hard to do. I will miss the small town feel, no traffic, and a wonderful community of Christians.  Thank you Abilene, HSU, and all my friends for the best college experience!

Here are a few memories I've made.

Many themed parties

Studying my life away

Studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria with HSU

Cliche statement: Where I met my husband : )

Right after Alex and I got engaged in Breckenridge, CO

Many Tri Phi events...which kept me very busy

My bachelorette party on Lake Brownwood. I couldn't think 
of a better way to celebrate.

Wedding Day 5/22/10

My best friend's wedding

Opened up my own vintage clothing store in a coffee shop.

 Intramural volleyball champs

 HSU Ski Trip

First time camping at Abilene State Park

Snow WEEK in Abilene. 4 days of no work because Texans don't 
know how to drive when it snows.

I'll be back soon Abilene!

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