Relaxing Weekend

 This past weekend in Austin was the first I've had with no set plans, and it was perfect.  Friday, Alex and I bought way too much candy at the dollar store and saw The Descendants. Saturday, I tried to find a dress for my brother's wedding but was unsuccessful, and later that night met up with a good friend downtown.  Sunday, Alex and I stepped out of our apartment only once which was to attend a church that is literally 30 seconds away.  Searching for a church  reminds me of the nursery tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We have attended a few churches in Austin, but some are too hot and some are too cold.  I'm sure we will find one that fits us perfectly, but it will take some time.  This is a huge city.

I snapped one pic of my saturday outfit while shopping.

Shirt/Jeans: Gap Outlet. Sweater: Forever 21. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters

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