Fess Up

Well, I'm going to be honest. I have not stuck with my $60 a month clothing budget lately.  Alex and I haven't really stuck to a budget at all in the past couple of months due to moving and job changes. Now that we both will have steady paychecks again, we realize it is time to start living on a budget.  Last night Alex had to wrangle me away from the Bachelor, yes I watch the bachelor, in to the kitchen to finally put a new budget together.  Unfortunately, I'm limited to $60 a month in clothing, and a strict entertainment/eating out budget.  We're trying to put as much as possible towards our school debt, which hopefully we will pay off in the next two years. Sometimes it's so hard to save, when you're not saving for something fun like a trip to Europe or a new car. We have to keep looking towards the goal of feeling such relief when we are debt free.  

Here are a couple of new clothing items I got before making the budget...; )

Shirt/Blazer: Forever 21. Jeans: Fossil. Shoes: Steve Madden via Dillards (Gift Card)
Necklace: Jcrew via Ebay

   I want to know how you save money? What's your advice on how to live on a tight budget?


Julie said...

I'm terrible at keeping to our budget! I'm really trying to be better this year but I definitely surpassed my fun money budget in January :( We're also moving and need to buy a ton of stuff so, yeah...

Love the necklace and shoes!


Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks! Buying stuff for our new apartment has definitely been put on the back burner, unfortunately. I want to decorate it so badly, but we will be moving closer down town within the next year, so what's the point I guess : )