Tess Dress

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Theresa, the owner of Tess in downtown Austin.  I won one of her amazing pieces from Grechen's giveaway...whoo hoo! I never thought I would win. Theresa is so full of life, especially since she just had a baby, and she creates wonderful garments that are made to fit women like a glove.  Her designs are inspired by the sophistication of women, and the best part is all of her designs are manufactured in Texas!  I'm obsessed with textures, so getting to hear about how she decides on her fabrics and designs was a dream.  I don't believe I have the patience to sew, but I am in awe of what Theresa can do.  

Playing dress up!

I won this Eloise skirt, and I can't wait to twirl in it this spring.

Thank you Theresa!

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