On the hunt

Last night after work I set out on a mission to find non-maternity clothes that would fit my growing belly. It's getting harder and harder to get dressed every morning, but it's a fun challenge.  I was set on finding a couple of maxi skirts with super stretchy waist bands, that way I could buy a small and wear them post pregnancy. Well...the shopping gods were not with me, because I found absolutely nothing. What the heck? Where did all the giant spandex skirts and dresses go that were so popular last year. I wore this H&M skirt below to work, and immediately regretted it when I sat down in my car. Note to self, "Do not wear non-elastic skirts. They will cut off your circulation, and you will have to walk around with your skirt halfway unzipped all day."

Shirt: Jcrew. Skirt: H&M. Belt: Thrifted. Shoes: Aldo

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Greetings from Texas! said...

Ahhh! You look awesome. Pregnancy suits you!! Keep up the good work woman!