To New & Old

 I was lucky enough to celebrate Father's Day with Alex, as well as my good ole' Dad, Buck, and the rest of my family.  I gave my Dad a 2 lb. bag of Twizzlers (Thank you Sam's), and a Dobro music book. Alex's gift hasn't come in yet (yes, I'm a procrastinator), but I'll share it with you when it arrives.  Dads are more important than people give them credit for, and sadly today they are losing their role as the leaders in the family.  God created men and women VERY differently, and it was for a purpose. Men should step up to the role, and women should let them. If I had to think of the most important lesson my Dad taught me, it would be, "Always trust your instinct." Over my life this has served me well in so many ways, and I hope to pass it on to my future children.  

Here's to a future father, and the many adventures he will have with his son.  All Alex can talk about is at what age can our son use a power tool to help him build a tree house. I'm in for it, aren't I?

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