Nursery Inspiration

Before I knew if we were having a boy or girl, I wanted to go with a neutral vintage feel for the nursery. Now, that we're having a boy I'm going to have to cool it on the vintage florals, but I'm still sticking with a vintage look. My inspirations are a mustard yellow and white lampshade I bought a few months back at Target, and some vintage horses that were passed down in my family.  For colors, I've decided to stick with grey, mustard yellow, and incorporate a bit of tiffany blue or mint green (not sure yet).  Everything else will be very simple and white. White curtains, white furniture, and white walls. I love color, so I'm trying hard not to go color crazy. Here are a few Pinterest pics I'm using for inspiration as well.

Photos: Pinterest

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Sofia H. said...

Love the vintage feel. You're going to have one lucky boy.