22 Weeks

Well, I'm actually 23 weeks pregnant, but I'm a bit behind on posting the photos.  Right now little Coulter is moving and grooving, and I'm loving it. He kicks me at work, and I am reminded that life is so much bigger than the issue I might be facing that day.  My nieces were able to feel him kick this past weekend, and it was such a special moment because they loved it, and giggled constantly. Especially my 4 year old niece, Katie. She thought it was gross at first, but after she felt him kick a few times she constantly reminded me that if he kicked to tell her so she could come feel.  She also reminded me not to eat too many donuts one morning, because he might get too full. I can't wait for him to be surrounded by his girly cousins. I know they are going to go crazy for him, and make him play dress up every time he visits...poor guy.

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