This past weekend Alex and I took a short trip to my hometown. I really needed some relaxation, and to see my nieces.   They bring me such joy, and help me to remember what life is really about. Ella, the youngest, is growing so fast, and I hate missing out. She loves taking pictures and videos on my phone, so we had a short photo shoot on Saturday. I just love that when I say, "Make a funny face!", and her little personality comes out.  Her faces are much cuter than mine, that's for sure.

Katie is pretty cute as well : )

On the way back to Austin, we just HAD to stop at the Apple Store since Alex's work discount finally came through.  He couldn't wait any longer to get his precious iPad, which he has been begging to buy since the day the original iPad was released.  He is now a happy man, and his attention span will soon begin to deteriorate...yay for me. (Please hear the sarcasm in my voice)

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