Spice up your life

Weekends are too short, they always fly by way too quickly. Friday, I hung out with friends downtown and watched everyone enjoy many beers while I drank water like a champ. Saturday, I worked an Austin Fashion Week event at Langford Market, and Sunday I completed a bunch of projects around my apartment that I needed to get done (clean out the storage closet, take a load of junk to Goodwill, finish a yarn letter for Turner's future nursery, etc.).

I spent way too much time working on this, but I love it. 

 Sunday night ended perfectly with two words...SPICE GIRLS! Watching the Spice Girls perform at the Olympic's closing ceremony completed my weekend. I ran straight to the TV and sat indian style like a small child the entire performance taking pictures and video on my phone. My favorite was always a toss up between Sporty & Scary Spice. I'm sure if you're reading this blog, you loved the Spice Girls too ; ) Who was your favorite? 

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Clayre Turner said...

That "T" is awesome! I liked the Spice Girls and was always a Sporty Spice fan but I think Ginger is the prettiest now! We had a Ginger barbie doll….yikes. Crazy times.