34 Weeks

I can now say "next month" I will be having this baby. Exciting : )  Turner is unfortunately still not head down, and most days he is in a transverse (sideways) position.  Alex and I got some weird looks last week when we went to the pool, and I did handstands for about 15 minutes (10 seconds at a time) in the water. Alex was there to hold my ankles and keep me up...haha. It's hard enough breathing normally, so under water I was trying not to freak out when all of my blood was rushing to my head. Turner of course didn't move one bit.

He is moving around like an alien now (because I know how aliens move), and it's becoming a bit painful when a foot or elbow stabs me in the side. But honestly I enjoy it, because it's a little reminder of  "Hey Mom, I'm still here!" 

Did I mention how much I love Craigslist. Alex and I bought a glider a few months back on a whim because it was in our price range, but once we got it home it wasn't as comfortable as we thought.  We instantly regretted our decision, but felt stuck. Then at Target on Sunday, I found a white wood glider with gray fabric and fell in love with the style and comfort. So, I went home and instantly put our glider back on sale on to Craigslist, and by the next day I had it sold for the original amount we had bought it for. It's kind of crazy how fast Craigslist works, and the thousands of people that are searching for particular items everyday. 


Leigh Anne said...

hi! i am looking for an affordable white wood/gray fabric gilder for my nursery and have had so much trouble! when i typed it in google today your post popped up! would you be willing to give me the brand/make/model of the one you found? thanks!!

Jesse Coulter said...

Hi Leigh Anne!
Here is the link to the chair I bought; http://www.target.com/p/delta-bentley-upholstered-glider-and-ottoman-set-white/-/A-14181904

It's from Target - Delta Bentley Glider & Ottoman set in White $200

Very comfy and cute!