Hello Creeper

Alex and I had a great weekend here in Austin running errands, eating out and relaxing before our weekends change drastically.  Friday we went dancing with friends, which I have missed so much since moving from Abilene. Two-stepping is a part of my soul, and I love putting on my boots and shuffling across a saw dust dance floor.  Later in the night we walked to some bars on dirty 6th, and I had an interesting conversation with a guy when Alex went to the bar to grab me a glass of water;

Creeper: Hey, come talk to me (motions for me to come over to his table)
Me: Umm, no. (as I rub my belly)
Creeper: Oh! Is the Dad in the picture?
Me: Yep (I point to Alex as he's walking back to the table)
Creeper: Whoa....he's f&*$@*? HUGE!
(He then proceeds to tell me how scared I should be for labor, because my baby is going to be huge)

 I tell Alex never to leave me by myself at a bar, because I always get approached by the creepiest guys. Not the cute, well-groomed guys...just the weirdos.

L to R:
- Ready to go dancing 
- Red corduroys I couldn't pass up for Turner
- Working an event for work..."Yes, I'm pregnant. Would you like a margarita?"
- Decorating the apartment for Halloween, my favorite holiday!

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