Turner Jack - 3 months

I'm falling more in love my little man every day.  His cries used to make me anxious, and now they make me smile and enough laugh sometimes (I'm not a horrible mom, I promise). Here a few details about what he's been up to lately. Warning: this might be very boring if you're not his mom.


- Has discovered his feet and fingers

- Sleeps in 3-4 hour segments at night (I pretty much want to smack the moms in the face that say their babies slept all night from 6 weeks on). Alex and I both wake up once during the night to feed him, and his wake up time is around 6am.

- Loves my hair, every time I change his diaper he smiles when I put my hair in his face

- Favorite hobby is farting on me and in public, especially church

- Sleeps in his crib flat on his back.  He had trouble laying flat for a long time due to acid reflux, so we had to always have him in an inclined position in his swing or the nap nanny. My pediatrician flipped out when I told her we used a nap nanny, so we stopped.  He still loves to be swaddled, and listens to the sound of a heartbeat all night.  He's never slept in our room, because the little noises he makes kept me up all night. I don't have a monitor either, I just wait for him to scream out which I can hear quite clearly.

- Is still a VERY tiny baby. Measuring 23 inches, and almost 11 lbs.  The pediatrician is a tad concerned about his slow weight gain, so we're in the process of monitoring it.  He only eats around 3-4 oz per feeding.

- His hemangioma on his forehead has grown, which the doc says can continue till their a year old.  We're going to a pediatric dermatologist this week to make sure we know what steps to take if it starts to grow near his eye which could affect his vision.

- Loves to look at himself in the mirror. He grins and coos when he sees his good looking twin.

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Jamie, Diana, J'Lee, Jaxon, and Jett said...

Such a beautiful sweet baby you have Jesse. Please tell Alex I said hi and congrats!