Rookie Mistake #1

There are so many times during my time as a new mom that I screw up or do something so stupid that I think to myself, "Rookie Mistake".  I'm hoping with the next baby I'll have learned from all of my rookie mistakes. I've decided to post a few as they come up along my journey. Maybe, it will save some of you new moms from making them as well : ) 

#1 - Sending my husband off during church to calm a fussy baby, and forgetting to give him the diaper bag.

This resulted in the woman in front of me annoyingly turning around to tell me that someone needed me. I looked down and Alex was at the bottom of the large stadium pews flailing his arms like he was on fire.  I thought, "Oh God, that is my husband." I looked at my phone and I had a dozen missed calls and texts that said, "I NEED A DIAPER!". I then had to walk down a ton of stairs with my diaper bag in front of a quiet congregation listening to the sermon, and back up again. So, there you have it folks. Don't ever separate the baby from the diaper bag.

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