Life before the Internet

What was life like before Google? Before Web MD? Before Facebook? I often wonder if life was more or less complicated without technology.  I've been thinking about this a lot lately after numerous searches on google. As a new mom, I use the internet as my backup pediatrician.  I go to google every time I have a question about Turner's health, eating, sleep habits, etc.  I often find myself getting overwhelmed by the responses of others, and end up extremely frustrated as I begin to compare myself.

What did moms do back in the day? How would they know the answers to; Should I swaddle my baby? When should I stop? How do I stop? I am thankful for the internet as a resource, but it can be information overload and honestly can make a new mom feel horrible. At this point I'm trying to stay away, but sometimes I don't feel like paying my $20 co-pay to ask my pediatrician a question, so I just google it.  


Anyone else feel the same? 

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