Stepping Out

This weekend I finally braved the SXSW crowd and went downtown, not once but twice.  The weather was absolutely too beautiful to stay cooped up in my apartment.  Friday, I went out with friends to see my SIL's newest movie (more to come on that), Saturday I cleaned like a mad woman, and Sunday Alex, Turner, and I went downtown for lunch at Whole Foods (we had a gift card).  We also met up with friends for dinner at Ramen Tatsu-Ya, which is way out of my comfort zone when it comes to food, but I surprisingly enjoyed it.  

At one point this weekend, I sat out on my balcony with Turner in my arms, and just thanked God for all the wonderful blessings he has given me.  This weather brings out the joy in my soul. Family, friends, health, jobs and so much more. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Shirt: Gap. Shorts: Loft. Shoes: Gap. Sunglasses: Gap.

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