Turner Jack - 5 months

 Mr. T is 5 months old today. Poor little guy has had a runny nose and cough the past week, and we found out today from his Dr. that he has a double ear infection and bronchitis.  I feel horrible for not taking him to the doctor sooner, but he really had no signs of an ear infection.  He was happy and normal, minus being stopped up. I guess I wouldn't know what the signs of an ear infection are anyway.  I'm learning as I go.


- Weighs 13.6 lb. His acid reflux medicine (Prevacid) and new formula has been successful, and he's beginning to eat more consistently.  He drinks 5 oz. bottles.

- Has his first tooth coming in (it's a tiny spike coming through).  I hasn't been fussy, but he does slobber 24/7.

- Sleeping a tad bit better. His bedtime is around 7pm, and most nights he wakes every 4 hours. Every once in a while he'll sleep 5-6 hours straight, if we're lucky.  He sleeps on his stomach in his crib with white noise blaring in the background.

- Enjoys daycare, at least I hope so.  His teachers say he loves to roll around on the floor. His daycare is  right between mine and Alex's work, so it's super convenient. Alex drops him off in the morning around 8am, and I pick him up at 4:30pm.  It's much easier picking him up than dropping him off. I don't like saying goodbye.

We took some pictures this past weekend, not knowing Turner was sick.  Poor guy, you can see it in his little eyes.  I can't help but kiss him constantly.

And then this happened.  A whole lot of spit up.

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Greetings from Texas! said...

um, macy is super stuffed up too. Now I'm thinking she has an ear infection!!! Thankfully we have a visit scheduled for tomorrow anyway! These pics are so cute! XOXOXO