Turner Jack - 7 Months

Mr. T is growing like a weed.  His expressions are getting bigger every day, and we fall more in love with him every second!


- Had tubes put in his ears a few days ago due to numerous ear infections.  He was a young candidate for the procedure but he met all the requirements, so we went with it.  I'm glad we got it over with.  Alex was sweet enough to take him at 5:30 while I went to work. I'm kind of glad I didn't have to see my baby under anesthesia.

- Sleeps better, but it's a guessing game every night of how he long he will sleep.  Some nights he'll wake up every 3-4 hours, and some nights he'll sleep for 7 hours straight.  I'm hoping after getting the tubes, he will finally be able to get a normal sleep pattern since he won't be sick.  We haven't started sleep training him yet, but I'm hoping to start in a few weeks.  We've been out of town a lot, and we haven't wanted to sleep train him when he's sick. Excuses excuses, I know.  One day we'll get fed up with waking up numerous times during the night, and we'll actually do it.

- Sits up, but should still be monitored. 

- Is trying so hard to crawl.  He gets on all fours, scoots one knee up and then falls face forward on the ground.  Hasn't grasped that he has to move an arm when he moves a leg.  I'm kind of hoping he doesn't start crawling yet, because I highly enjoy that he's not super mobile. 

- Still eats solids twice a day.  Although, we have been letting him try different foods when we eat out.  Probably not the best idea, but it's so cute to watch a baby's face when they try new things.  His doc said we can take him off his ridiculously expensive formula since he's finally starting to gain weight, but he is still taking prevacid for acid reflux.

- Loves anyone and everyone.  Thankfully, he has no problem being handed off to people other than Alex and I.  I think his pre-school helps a lot with that, plus we are always playing, Pass the Baby.

- Has started learning sign language.  We've been teaching him the basic signs for eating and drinking.  He has definitely started to put the words and signs together, because when I make the sign for milk he gets super excited.  

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

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