Good 'Ole Fashioned Weekend

 This past weekend I headed to my hometown for a few good reasons. 1. Niece's dance recital 2. My dad & nieces were playing/singing at the Texas Folklife Festival in SA 3. I finished my Invisalign and got my final retainer.  Thankfully, I have a very generous mother who is a dental hygienist and helps me out with my teeth (I've had braces twice as a kid, and hopefully after Invisalign my teeth will stay straight forever...that's if I don't lose my retainer).  Going back to work on Monday was hard, very hard.  I woke up yesterday thinking it was Sunday, and then Monday slapped me across the face and said get your butt out of bed. Thankfully, I have an amazing weekend in Abilene to look forward, so hopefully the week will go by fast. 

Reliving my childhood memories by watching the ventriloquist, NACHO Estrada, perform!

Last but not least, FOOD. I had my fair share of festival food. Pierogi's from Polska, nutella & strawberry crepes, cotton candy and last but not least FRIED GIRL SCOUT COOKIES...America.

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Dorothy Payne said...

Hey there, Jesse! It’s quite lucky that your mom is generous and that she is a dental hygienist, for your teeth are well taken care of all the time. And as early as your childhood, she was able to imbibe in you the benefits of taking care of one's teeth. I hope your teeth stays forever straight after Invisalign. Crossing my fingers for that. Take care!

Dorothy Payne @ DrMonicaCrooks.com