1st Father's Day

 Abilene, sweet Abilene.  I love every trip we take there. Great friends, great memories.  This past weekend we stayed w/our favorite couple at their new home.  It's such a blessing seeing your friends reach another goal in life; buying a home, having a baby, finding a job of their dreams, etc. We celebrated their new home by hitting up some estate sales and antique shops. We found an awesome coffee table for their new living room for $30, and I thrifted an antique breyer horse ($10) and a beautiful horse painting ($5).  Saturday night, we went to my friend Hope's going away party. So great introducing Mr. T to all of our friends. Sunday was a special day as we celebrated Alex's first Father's day.  His one request was to eat lunch at a japanese steakhouse, and pretty much do nothing the entire day. Unfortunately, we had to drive back to Austin with full bellies and tired eyes.  Thankfully Turner slept through the entire 3 1/2 hour ride home.

Hope you were able to celebrate Father's Day with your loved ones!

Yo, who wants to party?
Dad, I'm not done!

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