A Week Away

I've never left Turner for longer than a day, and this week I'm on a work trip in Illinois for 6 days.  I am excited for a full night's sleep and unlimited Bravo, but I'm going to miss Mr. T like crazy (you too Alex).  Thank goodness for FaceTime.  Alex will actually be getting a week of sleep as well, because my in-laws will be watching Turner.  I'm going to try to enjoy the free time, and my big comfy hotel bed.

My trip started off well, when I noticed Tony Hale aka Buster from Arrested Development in the security line at the Austin airport.  He was so nice, and asked me if I wanted to take a picture.

If you have young children, what is the longest amount of time you've been away from them? How did you handle it?


Jackie Bragale said...

I've only spent one day away from my daughter and that was because I was giving birth to our son. I'm just such a worry wart and we live pretty far from our family. I gotta admit though, I am kind of looking forward to the first vacation away from them. They are my world but man can they be exhausting!
I heart Buster.

Jesse Coulter said...

The time away has gone better than I thought. I think the key is to stay busy, which I have been going non-stop. The sleep has also been wonderful! Good-luck Mama!