TXSC Day 3

"Please don't end and make me go back to real life" was the thought running through my head on the last day of the conference.  I didn't want to leave my "camp" friends and all the fun activities.   I was so excited to hear Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess Sunday morning, and they didn't dissapoint.  Their presentation was just what I needed to hear.

Some of my favorite take aways from their speech were;

- Write a blog you would want to read
- Find inspiration for posts through magazines
- Create blog features/habits that make life better 
- Teaching can be about learning (It's ok to teach if you're not an expert)

After my last session, I had to run a few errands. One of them being picking up this jacket from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale that I saw a few days prior and was convinced by my friends on Instagram to go back. Thanks for talking me in to it guys! I also really really wanted to buy these Top Shop short overalls, but I refrained. Afterwards, I went home and took a 45 minute nap. I was completely exhausted, but Turner wouldn't let me sleep too long.

Sunday night, Alex and I took Kelsey and Eric to The Salt Lick for a true Texan experience.  Alex and I had actually never been before, so we were looking forward to trying the food as well.  The BBQ was wonderful! Mmmm...ribs. We really enjoyed getting to sit down with the Williams and learn more about their family.  We have a lot in common; babies, blogging and budgeting!  

In conclusion, this year's blogger conference was amazing.  Thank you Indiana & staff. I connected with so many women, and can't wait to continue our friendships.  Here's till next year ladies!

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