Back To The Beginning

It's been over a year since I posted about my first time attending the Texas Style Council Conference.  I mentioned possibly giving up blogging because I wasn't passionate about it, and it's funny how those same thoughts resurfaced as I attended the conference this year.  It's intimidating but also inspiring to be surrounded by women that are extremely excited about their blogs, businesses and passions.  I often wonder what the "theme" of my blog is, and it's hard for me to say.  It started as a creative outlet for me when I lived in Abilene, and now I enjoy sharing with others glimpses into my life as well as lessons I've learned.  There's no specific theme here,  but I hope that others enjoy it because I really do have fun writing it.  With that being said, I'm thinking about trying a few new things out, so please bare with me.   As my life evolves, so will this blog.

Back to the conference. It was wonderful, like always thanks to Indiana and her wonderful staff.  It's like a Jesus camp high.  I'm pumped for 3 days straight, fixated on #TXSC13 instagram photos, losing my voice because I'm talking too much, and making many new friendships with women I already know so much about (haha, you kind of feel like a stalker).  Thanks to blogs, I was able to keep up with my friends I met last year, and when we reunited it was like we never skipped a beat.  I have so much to say it's overwhelming so I'm going to break up each day of the conference in a separate post. Stay tuned for day 1!

P.S. - Evidence of my blog evolving.

#1 - Trying to Cook
#2 - Forcing my co-worker & roommate to take photos
#3 - Fashion For Less posts

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