Turner's Favorite Things

Here a few of Mr. T's favorite items to date!

1. Gund Teddy Bear - Teddy was the first stuffed animal I bought Turner before he was born, and he loves it. Every time I hand it to him, he screeches and his face lights up. I even took my maternity photos holding Mr. Teddy because I knew he would be special.

2. Baby Bjorn - When Alex and I take a walk or run errands, Turner enjoys being carried in the Baby Bjorn.  It's comfy, durable and easy to put on and adjust.

3. Plush Sophie - We lost the teething Sophie before he got a chance to get attached, but he seems to gravitate towards the plush Sophie that has a rattle inside.

4. Carter's terry pajamas have by far been my favorite jammies for bedtime.  They are so soft and have the cutest little character's on the feet and bottom.

5. Robeez Soft Soles - Turner wears these pre-walker shoes every day to day car to protect his feet as he learns to walk.  We love the elastic sides and leather soles.

6. Yogurt Melts - These sweet snacks have been great when we are on the go, and are great for Turner to practice feeding himself.


amanda marie said...

That precious teddy bear!! I love it! And Yogurt melts.... yes please. I'd carry those around in my purse any day!

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Amanda! I love the Teddy, he's so soft!