Turner Jack - 10 Months

10 Months! Time is flying.  Here's what Turner has been up to this past month.

- Has started to attempt at walking. He will hold on to things with one hand and walk his way around.  He also stood by himself for the first time today.  He loves pushing his baby activity walker!

-  Eats 3 solid meals a day, as well as a snack in the afternoon.  He pretty much eats anything at this point. He takes 4 bottles a day, and we give him water with every meal.

- Still has 8 teeth.  He hasn't had any new teeth come in this month, THANK GOODNESS! I need a break from teething.  His front two chompers have really helped him eat solids.

- Sleep schedule is still very sporadic.  Most nights he gets up at least twice.  I was gone last week for work, and the night I came back and woke up w/Turner I definitely felt the sleep deprivation the next day.  It's not that I'm up for long periods of time, it's the disruption of my sleep cycle that screws me up.  

- Loves when I sing to him.  This is my special trick to get him to lay still when I'm changing his diaper or trying to put clothes on him.  

- Thoroughly enjoys staring, laughing, and talking to himself in the mirror. 

- Jabbers much more, and gets out a mama/dada out every once in a while, but it's not intentional yet.

- His hair is finally starting to grow in, and I can see a few tiny curls starting to pop up. Oh, I hope he has curly hair!

Here's to another month of adventure! 

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