TxSC Day 1

I was much more excited and less nervous about showing up to the first night of festivities.  I was greeted by Linda, and it worked out perfectly that Kelsey and Eric from one of my favorite blogs, Words of Williams, showed up right after me.  We registered our swap items (2 items of clothing and 1 book), and headed to Happy Hour at the Bonneville.  I hoped that Kelsey & Eric didn't think I was a crazy woman for asking them to go eat, but I honestly felt like I knew them after reading their blog these past few years.  

We returned to a swarm of women snatching up the swap items. Thankfully, I ran in to these ladies below and we were able to make it out alive!

Megan, Michelle

I was lucky enough to grab these two dresses from Lulu's. I love them!

Joanna, Amanda, Shannon, Michelle

We headed to La Condesa to catch up on what has being going on in everyone's lives this past year.  Reading someone's blog only tells you so much.

Kristi, Lauren, Hilary

I called it a night pretty early for 2 reasons. 1.) I need sleep (Mr. T wakes up 2x a night)  2.) I'm an old lady


kelsey williams said...

I'm so glad we showed up at the same time! We were so happy to see someone we knew from blogland!

Greetings from Texas! said...

I love that green piece! It's an outfit post in the making!

Unknown said...

I love this too much!!! So great meeting you Jesse!! I hope we can connect again soon! And I'm looking forward to following along on your fabulous life through the blog! Xo

Jesse Coulter said...

Great meeting you too Amanda! Let me know when you're in Austin again. I'd love to hang out w/you and Shalyn!