Turner Jack - 11 Months

Oh man, only one month away till Turner is a year old! He has grown and developed so much this past month. Here are a few updates on what's been going on in Mr. T's life.

- Will put anything and everything in his mouth.  Note the picture below where he decides he wants to try a tasty rock. 

- Took his first step at daycare and Alex walked up just in time to catch it on video! 

- His sleep schedule is still pretty screwed up.  He's teething right now so he'll wake about twice a night. His bedtime is around 7pm and he's ready for the day at 7am.

- Says "Daaddaaaddaaadddaaa" when he baby talks. Alex is positive he's talking to him, but he says that when Alex is not around so I'm not convinced ; ) 

- Has learned what fear is.  Before a few weeks ago, nothing scared this kid.  Now, the vacuum, lawn mower and other loud sounds scare him. 

- Is a mama's boy.  When he's tired, fussy or scared he puts his cute little baby arms up in the air and waits for me to pick him up and of course I do.  How could I resist?

- Numerous people have told us he is a very calm baby. He's usually pretty quiet and chill, unless he's hungry or tired. 

- Hates to be put in his pack n' play. Absolutely hates it! Alex and I have been trying to do a lot of house projects lately, and if we try to put him in the pack n' play while we're working around him, he gets extremely upset.  He cries and screams until we take him out, that's unless Alex sits him right in front of the TV for cartoons, which I am NOT a fan of.

- Has bruises all over his face.  One very curious boy that is learning how to walk makes for very many falls.

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