First Trip to the ER

My poor little baby has had a rough couple of days.  We noticed a fever on Sunday night, took him to our pediatrician on Monday.  They told us it was a viral infection. Tuesday, Alex was just a sick and his Dr. told him he also had a viral infection. They both stayed at home Monday and Tuesday trying to get better. Last night I get a call from Alex while I'm at work that Turner is extremely is fussy and hot. We had been taking his temp through his arm pit, but I told Alex he needed to take it rectally.  Sure enough his temp was over 105.  At that point as new parents we decided to take him to the emergency room of a local hospital.  They tested him for strep, took 2 chest x-rays and gave him baby tylenol and ibuprofen.  Turner fussed most of the two hours we were there.  He was soooo tired, since it was way past his bedtime, and the bright hospital room lights didn't help.  Sure enough, turns out he has strep throat. We were so glad they figured out what was wrong.  Alex headed home with Turner, and I headed straight to CVS to get his antibiotics (thank the Lord for their 24 hour pharmacy).

The nights have been rough for me, as Alex is passed out from taking so much medicine, and I'm getting up with Turner numerous times through out the night.  Like right now for instance, it's 5 am and I'm wide awake as I listen to him try to fall back asleep.  But that's what moms are for, and I know in times like these he needs the nurturing touch of his mama.  I just pray he starts to feel better asap, and that we all don't get strep. 

I hear silence so that's my cue to go to sleep.  Good night or Good morning.

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