A New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  What an amazing year it has been!  I knew 2013 would be a year to remember as Turner changed so much every month.  When I look back on my goals of this past year it's crazy to think how quickly things can change in life.  I accomplished 3 out of my 8 goals.

  • Get to pre baby weight: It's true what they say, it took about a year for my body to naturally get back to my normal weight.  
  •  Cook at least 1 meal per week: I would say Alex helped me with this goal, but we still have a long way to go.  We honestly just suck at it.  I don't know what it is, but every recipe we try it comes out tasting bland.  Anyone have any family favorite recipes? Recipes that I can't screw up? Please! I need help.
  • Save for our future home: Well, this was the biggest change by far in 2013.  Moving from an apartment to our first home.  I did not see that happening, but I'm so thankful it did.  

Here are a few great memories I have of 2013!

Left to Right:
- Turner playing w/cousins. Fredericksburg trip w/my Mom and sis. First time Turner played in the rain. Deutsch Halloween.
- Turner and I visiting w/my Grampa before he passed away. T's first birthday. Many many trips to the doctor w/Turner. Just before we spent a week painting our kitchen cabinets white.
- Celebrating my 27th birthday with Alex . Seeing my niece's & dad perform at the SA Folk Life Festival. The result of my hair falling out after having Turner, and it growing back. 4th of July with great friends at a Round Rock Express game.
- Alex rebuilding our deck, one of many projects. Turner's first time swimming. Finding out my favorite couple are having a baby. Buying our first home.

Left to Right:
- Turner's first time on a horse. Antiquing w/my niece.  Swinging T for the first time.  Celebrating one of my sweetest friend's wedding.
- Crazy nieces, no explanation needed. A quick trip to Choctaw to spend some time alone and gamble our money away. Attending the Tx Style Council Blogger Conference and meeting Kelsey & Eric. Father's Day 2013.
- My baby class at church for new moms, Spending time with Aunt Meg & Uncle Wes, Alex getting arrested, First pumpkin patch.
- Date to the golf course. Beach vacation in Port Aransas. Celebrating my college buddy, Hope, and her new adventures in Dallas, Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

2014 Goals
  • Budget
    • To be honest, once we bought a house we stopped budgeting and saving like in the past.  We let emotions and wants of fixing up our home get the best of us, and we started over spending a lot.  We stopped putting money towards our student loans (our next payment is due in 3 years), and spent it instead.  I hope this year we can get focused again, and looked towards the goal of being debt free!
  • Learn how to reupholster furniture
    • I've been saying the past few years how much I would love to learn how to reupholster furniture, but I keep putting it off.  My in-laws gave me the book, Spruce Upholstery, for Christmas so I have no excuse not to get started.  It is a costly hobby, so I'm not sure how it will play in to our budget.  I might have to start out with small/basic projects such as chairs and ottomans.
  • Get involved
    • Alex and I have attended a wonderful church the past year and 1/2, but since we've moved we have decided to find a closer church.  I hope to find a new church to call home, and I would like to get involved with the women's groups as well as volunteering in any way I can.  I need and want to serve more this year.
  • Become a better wife
    • This a hard goal to measure, but it will always be a goal of mine.  This past year most of my attention has gone to Turner, and I can count on one hand the amount of dates Alex and I have been on this year.  I hope to spend more one on one time with Alex, and to love him and encourage him more every day.

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