No Shopping Challenge

I enjoy a good challenge, and when my friend Kelsey decided to not shop for 90 days I made the decision to join her.  I know I've been shopping too much recently. My problem is that stores will have major sales, and the items will be so cheap that I feel like I can't NOT buy them.  I mean serious sales. I'm getting clothing 70-80% off it's original price.  I walk a way with a steal, but in the end I never needed it in the first place.  I love a good deal, but at a certain point I need to realize that I don't have to buy every item on sale. Shopping is addictive, I know.  I am tired of always wanting more.  I'm hoping this challenge will give me some peace, so I can focus on the more important things in life.  When I was in college, I challenged myself to only shop second hand for 1 year, and I did it. I know I can complete this challenge, but I hope to gain a good lesson that will stick with me when I do begin to shop again.  Walk away from the sale Jesse, walk away.

With that being said, I will not be shopping for clothing for myself for 90 days.  March 31 is the last day of the challenge. I'll still be posting outfits, that is if I can continue to talk Alex in to taking photos of me.  He grunts a little less now when I ask since we only have to take a few steps to our deck.

Shirt: Gap
Vest: Belk
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Vintage


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