Painting Recap

I did it! I successfully completed my list of painting projects this past week (minus painting the inside of the closets white).  I painted non stop Wednesday through Sunday from 8am to around 6pm. I can't wait to show you the finished projects, but here are a few pictures that sum up my "vacation".

1. Removed all doors, cabinets and hardware (this took me forever

2. Deglossed EVERYTHING, and wore this hilarious mask.  Alex told me he wants to have at least one more child so I should probably wear it.

3. I turned my living room in to a painting station for doors, and I propped them up with books, cereal boxes, etc.

4. Primed the following (I used a bonding primer for wood); trim in both guest bedrooms,  guest bathroom cabinets and trim, doors (takes twice as long for the doors because I can only do one side at a time). After the primer dried I repeated the step twice but with my interior paint (I used Sherwin Williams Snowbound).  

The entire process above took me two days. After finishing all the trim, I set out to conquer the existing hideous wall paint.

5. Taped off all the trim with delicate painter's tape so I wouldn't ruin the paint job I had worked so hard on. Try to wait 24 hours before taping off to allow it to dry fully. (Taping is tedious and takes a lot of time, but it is worth it)

6. Cut in all three rooms. My absolute least favorite part about painting!  

7. Applied one coat of paint, let it dry and repeated step 6 & 7. I used Sherwin Williams Passive for the guest bedrooms, and Sherwin Williams Gray Matters for the bathroom.  A lot of gray, I know, but I had a ton of the passive left over from the living room, and I was worried I wouldn't like the beige I had previously picked out.  Looking back I might have gone with a very light beige, almost white, but it's too late now.  I picked the dark gray bathroom color on a whim thanks to finding inspiration on Pinterest.  I'm afraid of bright, dark or loud colors so it's a bit of a risk for me.

Painting Power Stance!

1 of our completed guest bedrooms
8. Did a happy dance and then collapsed to the floor malnourished from not eating most days because I wouldn't...couldn't stop painting.

Alex and I tried to go out every night to make use of our time with out Turner.  It was so nice being able to take our sweet time at a restaurant.  We saw Wolf on Wall street (loved it), went to the George Strait concert (Amazing, although he didn't play our wedding song : ( ), hung out with friends AFTER 6pm, and slept in till 10am (oh wait, that was Alex).  I tried not to look at pictures of Turner on my phone, so I wouldn't miss him so much.  On Sunday when he finally came home, I couldn't wipe the huge smile off my face.  We got in the car to head to dinner, Turner is screaming in the back, and we ate in 10 minutes flat. I looked over at Alex and sang "Back to life, back to reality..."

Before and After pictures to come soon!

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