Painting Vacation

My vacation officially begins today, and it will consist of painting, painting and more painting.  I took off Wednesday through Friday to paint as much as possible in our house, and Alex will be joining me on Thursday. I'm taking Turner to my parent's house tonight, and we'll be picking him up on Sunday.  Painting really does suck, but I love the finished product.  My co-workers ask why I would use vacation days to paint my house, and I say, "Why Not?!" Alex and I can't afford to go on a big vacation, so we usually take a 3 day weekend and go to the beach.  This will be a great vacation for me, seeing my house projects get completed so I can finally decorate, and spending quality time with Alex baby less (love you Turner, but you're a lot to handle sometimes).

Here are few pictures of our first round of painting when we moved in to our home.  First task was to paint the entire kitchen.  Before and after pictures to come soon. To date we've painted;

  • Kitchen: Cabinets, Walls, Trim 
  • Laundry room: Cabinets, Walls, Trim, Pantry Door 
  • Living room: Walls, Trim, Built in Shelves & Cabinet doors
  • Hallway: Cabinets, Closet, Trim, Doors 

These next 4 days my goal is to paint;

  • 2 Guest Bedroom Walls, Closets, Doors and Trim
  • Guest Bathroom Walls, Trim, Door and Cabinets

I plan on working my tail off every day (by the way painting is the best work out), and at night spending some quality time with Alex.  I'm looking forward to going to the movies, and eating out and not having to worry about feeding Turner the entire time.  Friday, we're going to see George Strait...aaahhhhhh!!!! I'm freaking out I'm so excited! 

I'll be posting lots of pictures of our painting progress on Instagram, so stay tuned!

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Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

Oh geez, you are going to be soooooore! It's going to look fab but yikes....that's a shizz load of work!