Custom Made Smoker

Ever since we've moved in to our new house, Alex has wanted to buy a bbq pit.  When we started looking in the spring, every pit he wanted was super expensive and not in our budget.  Alex had the idea that he would just make his own. My first thought, "What? You want to build your own bbq pit!? Do you know how to do that?" The only experience Alex had with welding was a class he took back in high school, but he was pretty optimistic he could make it happen.  The average smoker he wanted was around $1,500 and to build it was about $500.  This pit is huge ( 66 " wide) and heavy (around 650 lbs)! Thanks to the help of my bro-in-law and other family who let us borrow a welder, Alex pulled it off.

The first thing he smoked was a brisket, this weekend he smoked a pork butt and next on the list are beef ribs. MMMMmmmmm. Here's to many more barbecues!

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Lee Anne said...

OH my gosh I'm jealous! I want a smoker!