Warm Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend even with the triple digit heat.  Friday, we had a last minute bbq with friends in our backyard.  My buddies discovered our selfie stick, and as you can tell by the pics below we had a good time.  I'm extremely lucky that so many of my college friends live in Austin permanently.

Saturday, I worked some overtime early in the morning, then Alex and I took Turner to the Cedar Rock RailRoad.  Turner loved it of course and it only cost $2.50 a person.  He kept saying "Choo choo" over and over again.  After the ride, we put our tax free shopping plans on hold to take Turner to home to get a nap, sure enough, he NEVER took a nap. That has never happened. I was completely wore out, so that night I went to see Boyhood with my friend at Moviehouse & Eatery. Wow, that movie theatre was insane. I felt extremely lethargic and amazing all at the same time when I reclined by leather chair back while eating soft pretzels and sipping on a mojito.

Sunday, we ate an early breakfast full of pancakes at Ihop, my hair got a trim (I've decided I can't afford to maintain short hair, so I'm growing it out), and we did a little tax free shopping for Alex.  What did you do this weekend? Have a great week!

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