1 Year Home-iversary!

This is a few weeks past due, but my family has officially lived in our home for 1 year! We have absolutely LOVED owning a home. I can't imagine how much different it will be bringing our next baby in to this world to a home rather than an apartment. We've had great dinners with friends, spent hours on the porch, learned how to plant/garden (I have a lot to learn), celebrated our son's first birthday and rolled around on the carpet playing with Turner almost every night.

We have worked our butts off this past year, and I'm extremely proud of what we've accomplished so far. I took off a total of 6 vacation days just to paint and it was totally worth it. I can't even think of how many hours I spent painting, but it was a labor of love!

  • Cabinet Doors/Drawers Painted - 53
  • Doors Painted - 19
  • Shelves Painted - 39
  • Rooms Painted - 7
  • Painted every inch of trim from brown to white
  • Rebuilt and stained the deck
  • Renovated the Guest Bathroom
  • Renovated the Master Bathroom (reveal to come, we're still adding the final touches)
The only projects we have left are; paint master bedroom, paint hallway, and put new countertops in the kitchen.

Check out some of my favorite projects from the past year!

Turner's Bedroom

Guest Bathroom Renovation

Living Room


Kitchen and Master bath renovation pics to come!

I cherish the days we have in our home.  We are incredibly blessed to have a roof over our heads, and safe place to live freely.  I told Alex we forgot to celebrate, to which he replied; "I payed the mortgage bill." Hmmm...good answer.

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