Non Stop Weekend

Sunday I put this outfit on at 7am. That is very early for me to get dressed up, but honestly I was tired of wearing jeans and baggy t-shirts all weekend.  The second I got home I changed right back in to my shorts & tee, but it was nice to get dressed up for a change. 

What were you up to this weekend? 

Friday we volunteered to babysit our neighbors kids.  We have an amazing babysitting swap deal (whoo hoo for free babysitting). 

Saturday I worked a bit of overtime, and we did a lot of housework/fall decorating.  Turner and I had a date to Target, and he fell in love with my favorite pretzel/icee combo.  Have you been to Target lately? Oh my goodness, they have some extremely cute halloween decorations right now at very reasonable prices (cheaper than most craft stores).  I'm prepping for Turner's 2nd birthday party which will be Halloween themed (I'd call it Modern Halloween), and then we'll be throwing a big Halloween party 2 weeks later.  Thankfully, I'll be able to reuse most of the decorations...win win.  We ended the night at a friends bbq.

Sunday we visited a new church, made homemade pizza, watched a lot of football, and worked on some BuiltWell projects.  I sanded and primed the rocking chair you see behind me in this picture.

Top: Jcpenney
Skirt: Target
Belt: Forever 21

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