Turner's 2nd Birthday Wishlist

Turner's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching (October 19th), I'm having so much fun planning his party!  His wish list this year is similar to his 1st birthday wish list , but I know he'll enjoy his presents more this year.  

1. Clothes (this is more what I want...obviously) Camp Wolf Pendleton Vest / Adidas Samba Sneaker / Pom Pom Beanie
2. Any ball known to man - Seriously, this kids loves balls. He freaks out every time he sees one, and loves playing soccer with me in the backyard.
3. Trucks, trucks and more trucks
4. Kid's workbench - Turner loves being in the garage with Alex, and I know he would love his own workbench.  Heaven knows I would feel better if he was playing with plastic tools rather than Alex's tools.
5. Books - One of Turner's favorite books (other than every truck book) is his nursery rhyme book.  I sing almost 10-15 nursery rhymes a night (most nursery rhymes are extremely weird), and half of them I make up the tune because I have no idea how they really sound.  I just started collecting halloween books for Turner, and I can't wait to add more holiday books to our collection.

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