BEFORE AND AFTER: Rocking Chair Makeover

I scored this beautiful and sturdy rocking chair on Craigslist for $25, but it needed an update.  I decided to paint it white (what I paint everything these days) using left over exterior paint from another project.  I had a pillow made (w/the help of my mom) using Bolt Fabric's waterproof outdoor material, which is perfect for outside decor! I love super easy projects like this, because it cost me next to nothing and it's like night and day.  
I was perusing through an antique store (Antique Gallery of Round Rock) the other day when I realized I love the booths that have antique/vintage furniture in its original version.  When I approach a shabby chic booth or a booth that has repainted every piece of furniture, I usually walk away.  I like to see furniture in the raw and the original wood stain.  How about you?  What's your go to paint style? Shabby Chic? Modern? Any particular color?

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