Adventures in Potty Training: Part 1

I haven't wanted to rush Turner's potty training, but it's been on my mind since we will have A LOT more diapers to change in a few months. About a 3 months ago, Turner's teacher said that he rarely has a wet diaper, and asks to go to the restroom. She suggested we bring underwear the next day and see how he does. Well, he didn't do so well, but ever since that point we've been letting him wear underwear to school. We pack lots of back up underwear and outfits. When we first started the potty training he wouldn't have any accidents during the night for almost a month, then all of the sudden he was having one every night, so we are back to pull-ups during bed time. For the first month he was doing really good during the day at school, but he started regressing about a month later so I straight up ask him everyday if he wants to wear pull-ups or underwear. Some days it is underwear, some days it is pull-ups. I don't want to force underwear because there are times he refuses to sit on the potty. The last thing I want to do is force him, but again...I'm not an expert at this and really have no idea what I'm doing.

He is proud of his Star Wars and Cars underwear.
When I originally researched potty training months ago, I was planning on do a super strict potty training weekend where our lives basically revolved around training him to go on the toilet. But life happens, and I'm taking a more laid back drawn out approach.

The poop is the worst part. Ugh. Changing a dirty pair of underwear is the worst! I freeze up everytime, and think "Ahh...what do I do now? Spray you down outside? Put you in the bathtub? Change you on the changing table?" After he eats dinner I watch him like a hawk, and any time he squats I ask "Do you need to go potty?!". He'll usually reply no, and then poop his pants 5 minutes later (awesome). We are still deep in to potty training, but we've been using The Potty Rocker to have more fun in the bathroom. I'll try anything if it helps him go #2 in the toilet! The Potty Rocker is a fun character that comes with a book and dissolving rainbow poop...yep, rainbow! I read the book and use the doll to dance around while Turner sits on the toilet, in hopes that if we sit long enough he'll go #2. He's obsessed with the book and it's the only one he knows by heart. It's so cute to hear him finish my sentences when I read it.

I'm not sure how long this training will go, but I'm trying not to worry about it. Although it's very hard because I'm a Type A person....AND I really hate dirty underwear. I'm hoping Turner is completely potty trained by the time the twins are born. Wish us luck, and I'll give you a full report when we are done!

Do you have any tips for a boy mom?! I would love to know your experience!

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