One Room Challenge: Twin Nursery {Week 3}

Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge! I'm halfway to completing Walt & Whitney's twin nursery. Actually more than halfway, because during week 5 I will be out of town for work and week 6 I'll be having photos of the nursery taken. That means I have less than 2 weeks to finish this. Eek! I honestly didn't do much this week other than make some larger item orders online that I realized need to be shipped ASAP to get here in time. I did a lot of window shopping and took a ton of photos of things to remember, but I won't pull the trigger on the small details till the last week.

Here is a break down of what I did accomplish this past week;

  • Rug - I layed out my 5x7 Homegoods rug and I wanted to make sure the ends didn't curl up so I ordered rug corners online and applied them to the corners. They seem to be working good so far, but we haven't had much foot traffic in the nursery yet).
  • Ordered glider - We had a small rocking chair style glider in Turner's room, but Alex wasn't comfy in it. I knew with twins we HAD to have a chair that he liked. We tried out the chairs at Babies R Us for size, and then I made my final order on Wayfair's website. I've never tried the chair, but I'm really hoping both Alex and I love it. It was our biggest splurge of the room at $300. A lot of my finishing touches and decorating are depending on the glider and its color so I can't wait till it arrives this Friday. 
  • Bought floor lamp and set up - cashed in a Target gift card and found the perfect lamp. I can never have too many lamps in my home. I loathe overhead lighting
  •  Intended to hang a large mirror above the dresser, but couldn't get the dang price sticker and it's residue off so I'll be scrubbing this week. Any tips?
  • Bought curtains, and I'm on the hunt for the perfect curtain rod. It's crazy how much importance I put on the small details of the room. Hunting for a curtain rod takes days checking multiple stores. Anyone else do this? My go to stores to look for decor are; Target, Homegoods, World Market, TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning and IKEA.
Trunk & globe are both thrifted and were in this room prior. They work perfectly between the cribs!
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Brooke Hamilton said...

Vinegar will get the sticky sticker stuff off. Also, Ikea curtain rods rock!

Sarah said...

I was going to suggest adding some baking soda if it's really stubborn

Suzanne said...

Love love love the hampers in your inspiration photo! Where did you find them?

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks for the tip!

Jesse Coulter said...

They are from Homegoods!

Hollie @ Stuck on Hue said...

I had not heard of those rug corner thingies. Thanks for that! And love that brass trunk. Gives a sophisticated zing to a little person room.

Unknown said...

Looking so cute!! If the price sticker is on the glass, grab a window razor blade and glass cleaner. Should come right off! The secret is the razor blade!

Tristan said...

I love watching it come together! For the stubborn sticker, I always use a product called "goo-gone"--it's made for things like that. Kraft makes one too that's called sticky-out. You can usually find it at walmart, target, etc.