A Much Needed Spa Day

I've always said that one of the best gifts I could ever be gifted would be a day at the spa. As this pregnancy has progressed, especially during the third trimester it has started to take a toll on my body. Not to mention I've been chasing around a 3 year old who loves to still be held by his mommy.

I was lucky enough that my wish finally came true this Christmas, and I got to spend 4 glorious hours at Spa Social! I had a deep tissue massage, facial and pedicure and in between each treatment I relaxed in a beautiful spa room, feeling snazzy in my robe. I dipped my toes in the jacuzzi, so wishing that I could jump in but I know it's a no-no good for pregnant women. Same goes for the sauna and steam room which I desperately wanted to use as well.

30 week twin bump

Men...if you are reading this, get your spouse or girlfriend something she really wants this year for Christmas. You can never go wrong with a spa gift card! Women, if you're significant other doesn't read blogs (highly likely), send him this link or drop a hint. I'm definitely the type of person to be very specific when asking what I want for Christmas.

Spa Social is offering an amazing holiday special for $199 which includes a massage, facial, manicure & pedicure! A spa day at this price is a ridiculous deal, and you get a pass to the amenities all day. You will seriously feel like a queen walking around in your fancy robe and slippers. Time it with your friends and you can have a full day of fun together. You are always welcome to bring your own wine/champagne!

If you are wanting to host a holiday party, but don't want to fuss of cooking, decorating, etc and you simply want to enjoy time with friends, a Spa Social Party is right up your alley. They are offering spa parties for $89 a person which include a chair massage & pedicure. You and your friends also get access to the amenities of the spa which include a sauna, steam room, pool and jacuzzi! Check out this post when I hosted my very own spa party!

This post is brought to you in partnership with Spa Social. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

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