Family Yearbook 2016

One of my favorite new traditions is to order a family yearbook every year to document the stages of our children, marriage, vacations, and more! It's honestly the easiest way for me to print the hundreds of pictures I take throughout the year. I ordered the book through Shutterfly and it totaled $57. I had a 50% coupon and the shipping was free.  I started off with the 20 page book thinking I would be able to fit everything in it, but ended up with 35 total pages! Some of my pages include;

  • Turner and all of the firsts he experienced as a 2/3 year old (I have a ton of pages dedicated to him)
  • Hawaii Vacation
  • 5 Year Anniversary
  • Holidays w/family
  • Summer Activities
  • Weekly baby bump photos
I think my favorite pages are the ones dedicated to pictures of Turner with me or Alex. Those snapshots capture a few of the moments we've bonded as parents with Turner.

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