Birthday Day Date

Alex will be turning 28 this Saturday, and we decided the only way we would be able to spend some quality alone time together for more than an hour or two would be to take a day date. Thank the Lord for daycare. I took a ton of pics during the day so I thought it would be fun to recap the day!

1st Stop: Gun Range

Alex always wants me to go to the gun range with him, and it's just not up my alley. So for his birthday I decided that the one main activity I wanted to do with him was go shooting. I felt extremely uncomfortable and stressed the entire time. I don't like shooting around other people I don't know in a confined space, but we still had a good time.

 2nd Stop: Lunch at La Barbecue Food Truck

We then headed to downtown Austin to get in line at 10:30am for the famous La Barbecue food truck. We waited about 30 minutes and we chatted most of the time about what we were going to order. We decided on a beef rib, sausage link, chopped beef sandwich, and a side of potato salad...the bill was $70! It was amazing bbq but I wouldn't spend that much on it again. The beef rib meat fell right off the bone (very salty and fatty).

The aftermath
3rd stop: Drinks at Perla's

We drove to South Congress because the weather was gorgeous (80 degrees, sunny and a breeze), and we wanted to enjoy a drink oustide. Alex was craving a bloody mary so we chose Perla's, which has the perfect patio. I had a champagne cocktail, which I couldn't even finish half. I'm a lightweight and was feeling it after a few sips. We people watched and then stopped in a few shops.

4th Stop: Couples Reflexology/Chair Massage

We wanted to make sure we had enough time to pick up Turner and not get stuck in traffic, so we headed back to the suburbs. I had heard amazing things about Sam's Serenity Massage at the mall near our house, so we decided to get a reflexology/chair massage treatment (which was super cheap)! You can't get that kind of a deal in downtown Austin. Afterwards we grabbed a cookie at the Great American Cookie Co. (Sugar is my favorite), and headed to pick up Turner from school. Then we picked up the babies at our neighbor's.

The day went by so quick, but it was soooo nice getting to spend some one on one time with Alex. I've really missed him. We rarely get to have in depth conversations, or just chat in general because the second he walks through the door after work it's all hands on deck with the kids before bedtime. By the time it's 9/9:30pm, we are both EXTREMELY exhausted and want to go to sleep. Cheers to another year of life!

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