Walt & Whitney - 11 months

One more month and my last babies will be one year old! As I see them grow in to toddlers, I am making more of an effort to be present and aware of the baby stage. Smell their baby skin, kiss their soft cheeks and bald heads and soak up their baby giggles.


- I am dragging my feet in planning their birthday party for a couple of reasons. 1.) My life is INSANELY busy right now. 2.) Every time I start to plan in my head I get completely overwhelmed with all the things I want to do and shut down. Planning a birthday during Christmas is not fun. There are days when I think about going ALL out, and then other days when I think they'll be lucky if they get a cake.

- Last week Whitney and I took a quick overnight trip down south to visit my parents. When we got home Alex said "Do you want to see what the boys and I did this weekend?" He proceeded to show me pics of them at Catch Air (an indoor play park), which he took them to on Saturday night. Then Sunday he took them to breakfast, grocery shopping at HEB, and then to a kid's birthday at Mt. Playmore (another indoor play place). I couldn't believe it. Alex said they all had a great time, but he was definitely tired.

- I totaled my van (which I had bought a year 1/2 ago after totaling my last car, and replaced the transmission 6 months ago for $5,000 because we thought we would drive it forever...UGH!!!). All three kids were with me which was very scary, but thankfully everyone was OK. We bit the bullet and bought a new Toyota Sienna and I'm in LOVE!


- The past month the babies sleep has still been up and down. Both have been waking up 1-2 times per night (however BOTH slept through the night last night....knock on wood). Praying they sleep through the night by 12 months (that's how long it took Turner)

- I've started an earlier bedtime and put Walt to bed around 7pm, Whitney tends to stay up a bit later

- Both sleep in footed fleece pajamas and wear a sleep sack.


- They both had tubes put in this past month. Walt got an ear infection a few days after but thanks to the tubes it was able to drain out.

- Walt has been teething like crazy, but I haven't seen a tooth come through. Both babies have 8 teeth.

- They had their second round of flu shots.


- Their daycare is weaning them off of formula and bottles.  They give them sippy cups with formula + a little whole milk for breakfast and lunch. They have a 6-8oz. bottle before bed, and if they wake in the night I give them 4oz.

- They eat table food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and aren't big fans of veggies. I'm trying my hardest to have healthy options for them when I get home from work.


Clothing - Whitney (12 months), Walt (12-18 months)

- Diapers - Size 4 Huggies

- They are on the move and walking everywhere!


Whitney's favorite food = leaves, diapers and paper products (especially kleenex and paper towels)

- Rummaging through any drawer they can get open (bathroom, kitchen, recycle bin).

- Wrestling with Turner in our living room. I'm a huge fan of carpet, and rolling around on the floor is my main reason.


Every day when I pick them up from school they cry when I lay them in their stroller. EVERY TIME!

 I made an 11 month video on YouTube if you want to see more of these stinkers!

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ckelleher said...

Have a wonderful holiday! So excited you started a YouTube channel - I'll catch up this week after the holidays!