The Weekender by Lowe's | Garage Makeover Reveal

Back in the early Fall I saw a TV show casting call for first time homeowners in the Austin area who wanted to update a space/room in their home, so you better believe I applied! The application sent by the casting company took me almost two hours to fill out, but in my head I knew it would be worth it if we were chosen. I submitted my living room, garage, and master closet to be considered. We kept moving on to the next round of the process, and I had to submit measurements of our spaces, videos, photos and lots of details of each room. Alex complained (even though he did nothing), and I excitedly kept providing what they needed. We had a Skype call with the casting company, and they sent that video off to the production team that would be shooting the show. As you can guess, they liked us and we were chosen!!!

I'll be posting more behind the scenes details plus before and after photos of the space in another post, but for now here's the final product! Thank you to the East Coast Creative team and Lowe's for giving us our dream garage!

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Molly | Awfully Big Adventure Blog said...

Jesse!! This is so cool! the garage looks fantastic. Love the idea of that vinyl flooring. Congrats on an awesome makeover!

Anita | Fearless Captivations said...

This is SO cool, Jesse! It's inspiring me to tackle my own disastrous garage! Definitely going to take some of these tips to organize it.

Heather @ 3 Black Cat Co. said...

How cool, Jesse! That's awesome! I love some of these ideas - our house doesn't have a garage and now I'm super sad I can't use all of the ideas!

Unknown said...

This is awesome!!! You guys were great! I loved the dancing in the garage!!!