Ready For Spring - Walt & Whitney Update

I'm SO excited Spring is here! Warmer days and longer nights to play outside! Everyday when I pick Walt and Whitney up from school, I let them run around in our front yard for an hour or so. I have to keep my eye on Whitney the most because she will eat rocks, dirt, trash and leaves like it's the yummiest dessert she's ever had. She also enjoys discovering ant piles...God help me.

I've stopped doing the monthly posts for them, because after 12 months I refer to them as 1 year olds, and don't use months anymore. Walt is still as goofy as ever.  He loves trying on shoes, sitting on me, hitting himself in the head with random objects, and carrying any large object like a piece of wood, bat or walking stick. He will sit in his high chair 15-20 minutes longer than Whitney and eat mostly everything I feed him. He still wakes up at least once a nice screaming so loud he wakes the entire house up. Yes, I'm still functioning, but I don't sleep much. He's very loving, and has been giving me lots of kisses lately. It's the sweetest thing. His favorite words are Dada and Ball.

Whitney is the opposite of Walt and will sit for about 4 minutes in her high chair, eat a few bites, and then immediately try to stand up. Home girl does not want to be confined, and doesn't have time to eat because she's so busy getting in to things. Most moms of girls tell me how their daughter loves their baby doll, and cuddles it. Ha...complete opposite of Whitney. She throws it on the ground, and wants nothing to do with it. She will not wear bows or headbands (unless I feed her Goldfish like in these photos). She loves to point her finger at you and talk. I mean TALK like crazy...blah blah blah, blah....blah...blah. Girl has her own language, and I just nod my head along. She's definitely going to be my most dramatic child. If I make her mad or take something away, she throws her head back and falls to the ground crying. So basically if I'm in the kitchen and have to take something away from her, I have to either get down on the ground so I can put my hand down as a cushion when she falls to the tile or take her in to my carpeted living room before taking it away.

Walt's Overalls & Tee | Whitney's Tee & Pants | Photos by McKenzie Coronado Photography

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