How to Pitch PR Agencies

If you are an influencer and aren't working with PR agencies this post is for you. I'm sharing why you should be working with them, what types of campaigns you can get, and how to pitch them!

First off, I'm fascinated by the way PR agencies have changed over the years as social media evolves. Years ago PR firms worked with traditional media such as TV, print, and radio, but as social media overtakes advertising PR has evolved. Some agencies have a dedicated social team, or the account rep that is working on a specific client is not only working with traditional media but they are also managing influencers simultaneously. To be honest, it's A LOT of work. When I work with a PR rep, there can be dozens of emails just for one gifted dinner in exchange for coverage. With all that say, know that as they grow, influencers must also which is why I'm writing this post.

Normally you might pitch a brand directly, but the power of knowing a PR agency can be very beneficial. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The agency has a large pool of clients to work with
2. They know you and like working with you
3. You are top of mind for future partnerships and included in their media lists
4. They know your work ethic and the quality of content you provide

Some PR firms have a very specific group of clients, such as hospitality, only representing hotels and restaurants. Or maybe they only represent CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands which can include food, beauty, household goods, etc. And many I've worked with cover a wide range of products or causes focused on lifestyle, which allows them to represent lots of clients. 


My friend, Jennifer Sinksi, who works for PR powerhouse, Giant Noise, advised that it's always a good idea to introduce yourself. Don't wait around for a PR company to reach out to you, email them and introduce yourself because once they have your info they can add you to their media lists. They have media lists categorized by type of influencer, such as food, travel, fashion, etc. So maybe there is a new restaurant opening up and they want to pitch food bloggers in the area. They will pull up their food influencer media list and either email them their press release or review and decide on specific influencers they would like to reach out to and work with. 

If you send an introductory email include your social platforms (link all of them), and include the topics you cover i.e. Food, Parenting, Entertainment, DIY, Home Decor, Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Natural Living...you name it. Show them who you are as a person and express what you are passionate about. If possible provide your reader demographics. This is important especially if you are pitching a local PR firm. I have a large Texas and specifically Austin following, so working with a local restaurant or hotel makes total sense and the PR company wants to know that. You can find your reader demographics via Google Analytics for your blog or look up on Instagram and Facebook as long as you have a business account. 

I would make a media kit which can be a simple one pager pdf that includes a photo of you, your social platforms, demographics and successful collaborations if you have any. If not, no worries! Make the media kit highlight what stands out about you. Maybe you don't have a lot of followers, but you're great at creating YouTube content. Share more about that and link to some videos you've created. You can find media kit templates on Etsy for $15!

If you are pitching a PR firm about a specific brand then tailor your email. I include why I want to work with the brand, what I love about them, why it would be a good fit, and then I provide some examples of creative blog posts and/or videos I could provide if we did partner. Don't simply say I want to work together. Give them a reason why, and provide a creative idea. 

Photos by Madeline Harper

Lastly make yourself easy to find by PR companies. I will say many are searching via Instagram using specific hashtags for example #AustinBlogger or #AustinFoodBlogger. Make sure to ALWAYS use local hashtags and if you are focusing on a broader audience try to use hashtags that you think PR companies would be searching for specific to product. If you are a Vegan blogger you would use #VeganBlogger with every post you make. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your email in your Instagram bio as well as on your blog and other social pages. Brands and PR companies do not want to search for that.

I hope these tips help you! If you have any additional questions feel free to leave a comment. I'm always happy to knowledge share : )

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Erica Brennes - Real Mom, Real Tired said...

Thanks so much for the advice, Jesse! You have always been so graciously helpful and as a new blogger it is very much appreciated!